So since my internet is still off and the tumblr app is impossible y’all should talk to me cuz I’m dying of boredom
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every group of friends has a mom friend and if u dont have one then u are the mom friend

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when a straight girl gets really touchy feely and flirty with me and I just

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Would it be totally weird to ask Matty if I can run my hands through his hair????

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Watching the guitar sessions on The 1975 had me so effin pumped for Saturday

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I aspire to be like the women on extreme couponing

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I decided to write a poem at 2 am

1. Your mom is sorry. She won’t ever say it, but when you’re 17 and your cousin gets married and your mom promises she will be there, don’t be surprised when she isn’t. I know she’s broken many promises to you in the past, the big house, the white fence, the perfect family. I know you stopped believing in that, but somewhere deep down, you will always have a little bit of faith in her. When she doesn’t show up, you’re going to be so angry at her, but trust me, these are not the feelings you want to be harboring. Honey, she’s going to die a few short weeks later and you’re going to cry. You’re going to bawl like the day she smacked you across the face, but this time you will cry yourself to sleep for weeks, not just the first night, and the sting will stay with you for a lifetime.

2. The taste of cigarettes will burn the back of your throat and you will feel gardens burning in your chest, but don’t mistake that feeling with the warmth of your mother’s hugs.

3. Forgive her. Hug when she comes over and tell her you love her. Hold on tight. Don’t let go. You’re going to miss the way she smells like cheep perfume and stale cigarettes. Don’t do anything you can to recreate this sensation, just savor it while it lasts.

4. When you’re 14, you’ll vow to never let anyone break your heart. No one will until you’re 17 and the girl you love is a thousand miles away, clutching a blade and a bottle of pills. That’s when you’ll know true heartbreak.

5. Be open to love. Despite what you think, you have a soul and a heart an they’re not black nor empty. Love is beautiful. Don’t be afraid to tell the people you love that you love them.

6. Your best friend will move halfway across the country next year, at the end of 6th grade. You won’t see her for years, but you’ll never stop loving her. She’s the one who breaks your heart. You will get through this.

7. You’ll make new friends. Some will be poison. I won’t tell you who or when, because these are experiences you need to guide you to be a better person.

8. You will lose your other best friend from elementary school at the beginning of 7th grade. Never truly let her go. She will be your rock. You will be lost 7th grade through sophomore year. When you rekindle your friendship, don’t forget to tell her how much she means to you.

9. Your life is not an episode of Skins. You’ll know what I mean junior year.

10. I know high school seems so far away, but it goes by so quickly. Cherish it.

11. The new girl you hang out with sophomore year will mean a lot to you later on. Yes, she’s hot. Don’t be weird. She will threaten you, but don’t fret. Your time will come eventually.

12. Girls are cute. You’re not struggling with these thoughts yet, and you never really will. It will come normally to you. You will date boys too, but trust me, girls are just better, trust me.

13. Always write. You have so much to say. Tell the world what you’re feeling, thinking, doing. Write it all down, Slay people with your words, it’s what you’re best at.

14. Don’t listen to people who talk shit. Don’t let them get under your skin. Their words will not be wounds on your body.

15. Talk to your therapist. She’s there to help. Tell her everything that’s going on. You will feel monumentally better.

16. Don’t try and plan your whole life out just yet. You have time. It’s good to be confused sometimes. “Not all those who wander are lost.”

17. Don’t start drinking coffee. You will get addicted. Your friends will make fun of you for not being able to function in the morning without your 3rd cup. It’s funny until you realize that they’re completely right.

18. Please don’t cut your bangs next year when dad gets drunk on Halloween. You look like an idiot.

19. Work hard in school. Stop procrastinating. AP classes are going to kick your ass, but you’re going to get through it and get into college. Don’t worry.

20. Listen to Taylor Swift. You’ll meet her next year. She’ll become the greatest pop star on the planet and you’ll always claim that you discovered her. Well, you kinda did. No one really liked her in 6th grade when you talked about her nonstop, because she was a country artist. When “Speak Now” comes out, she’ll be a hit. She will sell out arenas. Don’t cry when you can’t afford to go to her shows. You’ll go to concerts that will change your life.

21. You will listen to “that weird emo music.” Those “satanic” screamers will save your life on more than one occasion.

22. Stop skipping lunch. I don’t care. Eat. When the girl at lunch tells you to come with her to the bathroom to throw it up, tell her it’s not worth it.

23. Don’t skip lunch in middle school. The school lunches may be shit and I don’t care that the little blonde girl loves them, you need to eat. This is the beginning of a war and food is not the enemy.

24. Don’t take those diet pills. They make your life a living hell. And for the love of God, don’t start counting calories. Your basic arithmetic skills from adding an apple plus pasta will not help you in geometry freshman year.

25. You will get D’s and you will fail. Do not let this hinder you. You will go on to achieve great things.

26.My last word of advice is to be happy. You will not be happy with a blade in your hand. You will not be happy starving yourself. You will not be happy smoking, doing drugs, and getting drunk. You’ll be happy sitting at home in pyjamas on a Friday night watching netflix. You will be happy spending an entire weekend on your best friend’s couch. You will be happy going to concerts, waiting in lines for 6 hours just to be close to the bands that have helped you through so much. You will be happy falling in love with yourself. So that is my advice. Love yourself, not because no one else will or no else has to, but because you are amazing and beautiful and so strong. Love yourself because you are surrounded by people who love you, even if it doesn’t seem like it all the time. Cherish every moment and remember everyday because everyday is a new experience and you’ve got a lot to learn. But in the end, you will be happy.

26 Pieces of Advice to a 5th Grade Me (via frigidhearts)

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I’m so good at pissing off my friends apparently lol

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Literally crying
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